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Land- Worshipping

Land- Worshipping

A place where the environment is respected, time and weather cherished, tradition honoured and origin protected.

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Land of worship/ Worshipping the environment

the environment.

Respecting an ecosystem and a unique, exceptional natural environment.

An extraordinary place within the bounds of holm oaks, gall oaks and cork trees that populate its dehesa pastures and is set off by the beautiful hilltop villages.

There are only 31 places in the world where the magic happens. And all of them are here.

Land of worship/ Worshipping time and weather

Worshipping time and weather.

Cherishing the rhythm set by the hands of the clock and the environment’s temperature.

The passing of time and a unique microclimate set the pace. Patience, perseverance and experience shape the creation process.

When nature and mastery come together, the result is PDO Jabugo.

Land of worship/ Worshipping tradition

Worshipping tradition.

Honouring tradition and the values of past generations.

A history that goes back hundreds of years, where a certain savoir faire has been passed down the generations.

A deep-rooted passion is still shared by all here; PDO Jabugo.

Land of worship/ Worshipping the origin

the origin.

Protecting the origin in search of a purpose: to offer a unique product.

Purebreds at the hands of the expert ham producer's talent and wisdom, achieving an exclusive product.

The result has a name for itself: Protected Designation of Origin Jabugo.

Plus DOP Jabugo
Land- Worshipping

The 31 towns.

Lugares únicos.

Our Land of Worship is formed by 31 villages. And each of them deserves his tribute.

Enter and discover the magic inside.

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