Tierra de Culto

Tierra de Culto

A place where the environment is respected, the time is venerated, the tradition is honored and the origin is protected.

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Tierra de culto/Culto al entorno

al entorno.

Respect for a unique ecosystem and natural enviroment.

An exceptional place marked by Oaks, alcornoques y quejigos that inhabit their meadows and framed by the beauty of the towns of the mountains.

Only here you will find the 31 points where the magic happens

Tierra de culto/Culto 
al tiempo

al tiempo.

Reverence for the time; atmospheric and the one shown by the clocks.

The course of time and a unique microclimate dictate their pace. The patience, the dedication and the experience forge the creating process

when the nature is combine with the mastery , the result is Jabugo.

Tierra de culto/Culto a la tradición

a la tradición.

Venerate the tradition and the values of the past generations..

A History that have several centuries, where the ways of doing things has been preserved with the passing of generations.

Here, we preserve a passion and a deep-rooted; The Dop Jabugo Ham.

Tierra de culto/Culto al origen

al origen.

protection of origin in pursuit of a goal; offering a unique product.

Racial purity in the service of art and the wisdom of the Ham master. In this way we achieve an exclusive product.

The result has their own name; the Protected Designation of Origin Jabugo.

Plus DOP Jabugo
Tierra de Culto

31 days
for 31 Villages

Octubre de culto.

Do you want to know the places where the magic happens?

In October you will find out the meaning behind each point.